About Us

Teri’s Toffee Haus was founded on the premise of family and tradition. The original recipe dates back to when Grandmother Goilie taught her daughter, Teri’s mother, the family recipe. Eventually, Goilie taught Teri how to make her treasured toffee, and Teri continued the family tradition by teaching the recipe to her three children, Scott, Meg and Becca.

Over the years, Teri perfected Goilie’s recipe, and each holiday season – with the help of her kitchen staff (Scott, Meg and Becca) – Teri would generate batch after batch of toffee for her neighbors, coworkers, family and friends to enjoy.  After 35 years of encouragement from all who tasted the delicious treat, Teri decided it was finally time to open up shop.

Today, Teri’s Toffee Haus is delighted to offer several flavors of toffee, including Grandmother Goilie’s original, all hand crafted batch-by-batch in Needham, MA.  Orders can be placed on-line at teristoffeehaus.com.

Our batches of toffee are usually consumed within days, if not hours, of delivery.  However, if you’re planning on making the treat last, store your toffee in a cool, dry place.  It is best when consumed within 2-3 weeks after opening.  To make it last longer, the toffee can be refrigerated or frozen.

Teri’s Toffee Haus products are available at the Brookline Winter Farmer’s Market and at Volante Farms in Needham.  Enjoy this delectable treat, bite by scrumptious bite!